Updated Thursday November 9, 2017 by Heather Dougherty.

Scarborough Cheering Club is thrilled to introduce new head coach Andrea Bonin to our cheer family!  Please join us in welcoming her for our 2017-2018 Winter Competition Season!  With Coach Kayla's choreography and Coach Andrea leading the way - we're ready for a fun season!

"My name is Andrea Bonin. I am 21 years old and have been cheerleading since I was 4. I have been parts of numerous allstar teams, as well as my middle school and the Lewiston high school program. I was a flyer for most of my life, but I have done all parts of cheerleading. I have also helped to coach my cousins 4th-6th grade team last year, as well as junior coached some younger teams. I am going to school for Early Childhood and Elementary Education, and I am very dedicated to helping children be successful in all aspects of life, education, and sports. I am a very outgoing and positive person and I have a huge passion for cheerleading and helping children thrive and reach goals! I am very excited for this opportunity."